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Firearms frequently need to be cleaned thoroughly and lubricated to ensure operational reliability. This becomes necessary after time because of carbon, oils, and products of combustion builds up over time.

Ultrasonic Weapons Cleaning System

Our Ultrasonic Weapon Cleaning Systems and Solutions safely clean firearms more effectively than manual methods by providing a standard of cleanliness. That is why governments, law enforcement agencies, gunsmiths and enthusiasts all around the world trust our Ultrasonic Weapons Cleaning systems to clean their weapons carefully and efficiently. Ultrasonic cleaning provides an unsurpassed clean for all firearm surfaces, both exterior and interior.

At a glance:

Removes dirt, light rust, loose lead, powder buildup, and copper residue.

  • Environmentally safe.
  • Cleans all surfaces in minutes, saving valuable time.
  • Cleans areas impossible to reach by hand.
  • Works on any size of weapon.

Within minutes a weapon can be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled operating and looking like new.


Industrial Ultrasonics NZ designs and manufactures a highly efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly cleaning system developed exclusively for use with cleaning PCB stencils and related components. Industrial Ultrasonics NZ uses a module ultrasonic system (immersibles) to achieve the required cleaning without using conventional solvent cleaning methods.

Musical Instruments

Industrial Ultrasonics NZ aim is to create a cleaning solution specifically for your cleaning needs. Ultrasonics provides both a precise and delicate clean that will leave the instruments looking like new again. It saves time and money as you no longer have to waste time cleaning them.

Just place the instrument in the tank for the required time, remove once cleaned, dry and return to customer. Getting more instruments cleaned in less time, with less work on your part makes turnover increase.

It’s simple to understand & use and will blow your mind once you see its effectiveness.

Air Breathing Apparatus

Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove contamination out of the hard to reach breathing apparatus equipment leaving it spotless.

Vehicle Restoration

Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning and restoring old vehicle components to new like condition.

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