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aniloxAnilox Rollers

Anilox rollers range from containing 250 lines per inch to 1100 lines per inch and require a microscopic clean. Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the only methods that will effectively clean all the individual microscopic ink cells on the anilox rollers. How much time and frustration is wasted in maintaining ink density on anilox sleeves and rollers? Cleaning anilox rolls and sleeves regularly with ultrasonics can save on down time, achieve a faster production time as a result and offer a payback on the machine investment in a very short time.

As a result of all the research a range of machines uniquely and specifically designed for this application has been establishment by Industrial Ultrasonics NZ. There are models for narrow web and wide web rollers.
Industrial Ultrasonics NZ has also developed a range of ultrasonic cleaning chemistries to use with both steel and aluminium sleeves and rollers. All inks water, solvent and UV based inks can be cleaned very quickly and efficiently with ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Ultrasonic is sound energy that creates cavitation when introduced into a liquid. The cavitation is caused by pressure differentials, producing tiny microscopic bubbles that implode at very high temperature, very high pressure and very high speed resulting in a cleaning action on the surface of the anilox roll. Ultrasonics is the only method that cleans the cells right down to the bottom of the cell. No other cleaning method can achieve this thorough cleaning effect. Using ultrasonic cleaning systems at higher frequencies will not cause cell damage in any way. Using ultrasonics to clean anilox rolls and sleeves will save time and money, achieve quicker production times by reducing down time during a production run.

Ultrasonics at the higher frequencies has proven to be the most efficient way of cleaning anilox rolls and sleeves without any damage to the equipment.

Chemical Cleaners
Chemical cleaners are used daily in the flexographic printing industry. When choosing your chemical cleaner make sure you address the following items:

  1. Review Material Safety and Data Sheets. These documents contain valuable information about the chemical make-up of a cleaner. Be sure you understand the product and that you are taking the proper precautions when using a cleaner.
  2. Consult with Your Ink Company before you begin using a chemical cleaner.
  3. Take Care of Your Staff. The first and foremost goal is to protect the health of your employees. Normal health and safety practices require the use of safety glasses and rubber gloves when using a chemical cleaner. Understand that the pH of a chemical solution can damage your anilox roll if it is not in the safe range of approximately 4 to 12.8.

Additionally, the pH for water-based ink is typically 8.5 to 9.4, and the pH of the cleaner should always be higher than the pH of the ink to be effective.

Machine Parts

Ultrasoncis is capable of cleaning a large variety of parts from different forms of contamination. It is a simple and effective way of cleaning complex shapes and sizes restoring them back to looking and operating like new. Ultrasonics can be beneficial for the cleaning of any machine part.

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