Ultrasonic cleaners for all industries

Industrial Ultrasonics NZ also designs and manufactures a standard range of light and heavy-duty industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment. As there are multiple applications that ultrasonics can be used for, we can also custom engineer an ultrasonic cleaner to suit your exact requirements. Industrial Ultrasonics NZ's products range from small 1 litre medical/dental ultrasonic units up to almost any size you could imagine.

For heavy-duty industrial applications, we can offer solutions from UltraTecno, a Spanish company with over 50 years of experience designing and building ultrasonic cleaning units

Industrial Ultrasonics Console Ultrasonic Machines

Powerful ultrasonic cleaners for commercial & industrial cleaning applications.

UltraTecno Heavy-duty Ultrasonic Cleaners

UltraTecno specialises in building world-leading industrial ultrasonic cleaning units. Their units range from standard floor-standing single units up to complete multi-stage cleaning stations up to 15,000 lines capacity. Whatever your cleaning requirement, UltraTecno will be able to provide the best solution.

UltraTecno has more than 50 years of experience and knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning systems, dedicated to offering the best solutions and services to customers.

UltraTecno ultrasound cleaning systems are recognized worldwide for their quality of build and having the latest technology. Their ultrasonic or supersonic cleaners offer superior cleaning results by saving on consumption costs and labour, while avoiding the use of solvents.

UltraTecno cleaning systems are the perfect option for cleaning a great variety of industrial parts without damaging them. Their ultrasonic generators also offer a wide range of features.


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