Automotive Industry

Diesel Serving

In this fast changing field of diesel injection and pump servicing, the combination of ultrasonics and new ultrasonics cleaning solutions has resulted in reducing the use of bead blasting significantly. When cleanliness is of the utmost importance you cannot go past ultrasonics to achieve that final critical clean before going to the clean room for assembly. Ultrasonics can also remove paint from external surfaces of pump assemblies as well.  Why risk bead or sodium bicarbonate residue in a pump assembly when ultrasonics can take the worry away.  It is the only safe effective way to clean.

Hydraulics, Aftercoolers & Gearbox Coolers

Ultrasonics can easily clean any part, inside or outside, visible or non visible components with ease, precision and power. No more need for using nasty chemicals which are expensive and dangerous. No more need for spending hours trying to clean hydraulics,gearbox coolers or after coolers.


Engine Reconditioning

The combination of the ultrasonics with new ultrasonics cleaning solutions has resulted in the ability to reduce bead blasting to zero levels. This reduces the manual element of the cleaning process and thus provides substantial cost savings. The residue from bead blasting is also eliminated and therefore the potential for damage of the engine head once reassembled is totally eliminated.


Automatic Transmissions

The major success area in this field is in the cleaning of the valve bodies and internal transmission parts. No longer slave over a wash bath using carcinogenic solvents for 5 to 6 hours at a time.  The effectiveness of the clean is also a major plus as the ultrasonics cleans in areas that traditional cleaning methods struggle to reach. Ultrasonic cleaning methods are less labour intensive than traditional methods and eliminate the need to use expensive solvents and as well as the cost of disposing hazardous solvents as well.


Brake & Steering Systems

All aspects of brake assemblies; drums, housings, brake lines and pistons can be clean effectively in ultrasonics using the correct chemistry. Where a number of different components are made from different materials Industrial Ultrasonics NZ has designed machines that can run different ultrasonics cleaning solutions to suit the requirement in the same ultrasonic machine resulting in substantial cost savings.

All the steering assemblies, once it has been disassembled and gross cleaned can be critically cleaned in ultrasonics.  Hard to get at crevices and assemblies will be cleaned very effectively.


Turbo Systems

Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove all the contamination off the surfaces of a turbo. More information coming soon.

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