Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

ECOSTC-Series Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

Industrial Ultrasonics NZ designs and manufactures a highly efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly cleaning system developed exclusively for use with cleaning PCB stencils and related components.

Industrial Ultrasonics NZ uses a module ultrasonic system (immersibles) to achieve the required cleaning without using conventional solvent cleaning methods.

The ECOSTC-1 and ECOSTC-2 are the standard range of units available, while Industrial Ultrasonics NZ can also design and manufacture custom machines to suit any size stencil.

The ECOSTC-Series includes a narrow tank featuring 40KHz-68KHz Ultrasonics, heat and user friendly operator controls and fixtures.

The ultrasonic cleaning process allows powerful cleaning which is gentle in nature for easy removal of solder paste, flux or SMD adhesives. Ultrasonics is a more efficient than spray washing or hand-wiping and eliminates the use of harmful solvents or aggressive chemicals.

TypeInternals (mm)Externals (mm)Volume (L)Power (W)
STC-1800 x 270 x 6001000 x 940 x 9501082,400
STC-2900 x 270 x 8001100 x 940 x 13501704,800

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