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We use a unique and effective method that cleans and restores filters back to their full potential. Our environmentally friendly solutions combined with highly efficient ultrasonic energy loosens and removes contamination that is otherwise impossible to move using conventional methods. This process provides you with a major increase in filter life and substantial cost savings. We can manufacture, install, commission and maintain a cleaning system for you or clean them for you at our Sunshine Coast workshop.

The Ultrasonic Advantage

  • Restores filters to full capacity
  • Removes almost all types of contaminants
  • Ideal for paper, stainless steel, ceramic and sintered metal filters
  • Cost saving and environmentally friendly

Diesel Servicing

In this fast changing field of diesel injection and pump servicing, the combination of ultrasonics and new ultrasonics cleaning solutions has resulted in reducing the use of bead blasting significantly. When cleanliness is of the utmost importance you cannot go past ultrasonics to achieve that final critical clean before going to the clean room for assembly. Ultrasonics can also remove paint from external surfaces of pump assemblies as well.  Why risk bead or sodium bicarbonate residue in a pump assembly when ultrasonics can take the worry away.  It is the only safe effective way to clean.

Scuba Regulators

Most dive technicians are not aware of the versatility and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning of their scuba equipment. Similarly, they are put off by the cost of the equipment and related supplies, unconvinced that they will get a return on their money. Ask any operator who has invested into this type of equipment and he will invariably conclude, “How did I ever get along without it?”. You will be amazed at the amount of time saved and the degree of cleanliness achieved by this technology.


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