UltraTecno Heavy-duty Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

UltraTecno... for the most efficient ultrasonic cleaning

UltraTecno's Digital & Synchronized Generators and Transducers deliver the most efficient cavitation, resulting in a micro-brushing/blasting phenomenon for best performance on the hardest cleaning applications.

UltraTecno Green Label features provide up to 45% reduction at running costs (electricity and detergent) in comparison with standard ultrasonic cleaners.

Their design and manufacturing concept is targeted for heavy-duty daily industrial use, using robust oversized stainless steel (up to 55% thicker than competitors) and reliable parts for the longest lifetime under extreme conditions.

Benefits of UltraTecno Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • The highest quality of cleaning, and homogeneous results.
  • The best performance for complex parts, as ultrasonic cleaning reaches everywhere, even inside holes and cavities.
  • Non-abrasive process, the safest for your most valuable parts.
  • Savings of 80% labor cost and reduction in detergent use by 6 times.
  • Environmental-friendly - low power and water consumption.
  • Highest work safety environment, as reduces operator exposure to chemicals.
  • User-friendly touch screen operating process.
  • Low noise emission under 78 dB (A), with our patented & exclusive ARF Technology.



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ACM and ICM Standard Series

Single Tank solution for the highest cleaning performance

The ACM/ICM Series have been engineered to provide the most efficient ultrasonic cleaning and lowest running costs, with a single tank solution. All these standard models benefit from technical solutions developed on major projects.


ACM and ICM Series

ModelMain Tank (L)Elevator Max Load (kg) (6 Bar)Platform liftMax static load** (kg)Ultrasound Power (kW)Heating Power (kW)Main Tank Internal Measures (mm)Platform Tray Size (mm)Useful Height (mm)External Measures
with Top Lid Open (mm)
Oil Separator LFSAutomatic Top Lid Opening
ACM-100E11350Pneumatic10013.75600 x 400 x 470550 x 2903101070 x 720 x 1360YESNO
ACM-200E20075Pneumatic15027.5800 x 500 x 500750 x 3703001270 x 850 x 1520YESNO
ACM-350N405250Pneumatic47037.51000 x 650 x 625952 x 4953811807 x 1100 x 1735YESOPTION
ACM-500N587350Pneumatic7004111200 x 670 x 7301150 x 5204502010 x 1220 x 1810YESOPTION
ACM-750N840500Pneumatic1,0005111400 x 800 x 7501335 x 6304802270 x 1360 x 1890YESOPTION
ACM-1000N1224800Pneumatic1,6007151600 x 900 x 8501550 x 7255562450 x 1490 x 2090YESYES
ACM-2000N21781,000Hydraulic2,0009231800 x 1100 x 11001666 x 9157542610 x 1830 x 2740YESYES
ACM-3000NW32791,000Hydraulic2,00010301700 x 1590 x 12151565 x 13408502255 x 2180 x 3280YES
ACM-3000N32761,000Hydraulic2,00012302100 x 1300 x 12002000 x 11108502750 x 1800 x 3000YESYES
ACM-4500N51901,800Hydraulic3,6001537.52400 x 1590 x 13602217 x 12519003293 x 2306 x 3340YESYES
ACM-5500N60101,800Hydraulic3,60018452700 x 1590 x 14002650 x 140010003543 x 2442 x 3660YESYES
ICM-8000N91848,00027603200 x 2050 x 140012604100 x 2850 x 4350YESYES
ICM-12000N1325815,00036754600 x 1950 x 146013205920 x 2890 x 4335YESYES
*All ACM models available also in ICM execution, without the platform lift
** ICM model maximum load or ACM model with platform lift static on the lowest position

Multistage Ultrasonic Systems

UltraTecno offers a wide range of modular technical solutions to build up a custom complete system for each industry cleaning requirements. Each line is adjusted and configured with the desired wash, rinse and drying stages according customer needs.

Flexible, reliable and robust systems starting from 100 liters tank capacity up to 15.000 liters for each stage.

Multistage lay-out allows easy parts handling by using overhead cranes, custom automated manipulation systems or robotized systems. Customized baskets can be used to ensure perfect integration at customer manufacturing or maintenance process.

Ultrasonic Multistage systems are ideal for customers searching for repetitive cleaning of parts during their process.

UltraTecno offers optional equipment for an optimal match with each customer cleanliness requirements

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic platform lift for parts swing to increase effectiveness while cleaning or rinsing stages.
  • Cartridge or bag filtration for ultrasonic tank.
  • Automatic water refilling.
  • Automatic Liquid Detergent Dosing System .
  • Detergent preparation (pre-mix) tank.
  • Automatic Oil Separation for US tank.
  • Air bubbling or water jets for rinsing tanks.

  • Active carbon filtering for rinsing stages.
  • Sprinklers system for parts rinsing while being extracted.
  • Osmosis plant for demineralized water generation for final rinsing stages.
  • Safety enclosure for loading system.
  • Customized basket and lifting beams.
  • Steam extraction to ensure healthy plant environment.
  • Loading/unloading conveyors, manual or motorized.
  • Ultrasonic sets at rinsing stages for special applications.


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