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UltraTecno ultrasound industrial cleaning and degreasing

By advent | Aug 22, 2019

UltraTecno has dedicated more than 45 years to the design and distribution of new ultrasonic industrial cleaning equipment. We are committed to offering to our clients the best services and the latest science and technology advances in industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines. We are currently one of the leading companies in the world specializing in the…

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A dominating industry presence with patented ultrasonic innovations, vertical integration, and worldwide sector diversity

By advent | Jul 27, 2017

Standard ultrasonic equipment deliveries and repairs near many international locations Custom ultrasonic equipment manufacturing to your exacting standards and specific needs Leading-edge ultrasonic cleaning solutions using patented engineering principles Third harmonics Ceramically stacked high frequency transducers are designed to meet the needs of high-tech applications where the requirements are submicron cleaning. They offer superior transmission…

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Fire and Water Restoration

By advent | Nov 11, 2016

Ultrasonic cleaning has been used by various industries in the US and Europe for decades. This method of cleaning is especially effective when cleaning items of intricate detail or unique configuration. The ultrasonic activity produced by high frequency sound waves cleans contaminated items inside and out. This unique cleaning method when properly applied is ideally…

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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning, Waves of the Future

By advent | Sep 25, 2016

Eliminating Toxic Cleaning Chemicals The call to reduce or totally eliminate, where possible, the use of toxic substances in industry around the world, has been with us for some time now. Alternatives to ozone depleting propellants such as CFCs, and harmful refrigerants were amongst the earliest developments. However there are still many industries, including the…

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