Industrial Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaners

IU-Series Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaners

IU-Series ultrasonic cleaners are the perfect solution for engineering and automotive workshops, especially designed to clean small to medium metal parts and mechanical assemblies. The IU-series provide a heated ultrasonic tank with a durable stainless steel body,

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective method for cleaning even small interior cracks and crevices, producing a perfect clean both inside and out. Maximize efficiency, and keep your parts and equipment running smoothly, by making ultrasonic cleaning part of your process.

Ultrasonic technology is changing today’s parts cleaning industry by making precision cleaning safer, faster, less expensive and more effective.

From individual large parts to batch processing, ultrasonic cleaning is an important component for the industrial market. Our ultrasonic cleaning machines and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions remove dirt, grime, machine oils and more from parts and equipment and even blind holes. Industrial applications for ultrasonic cleaning include:

  • Parts finishing
  • Parts cleaning
  • Metal finishing
  • Pre-treatment
  • Degreasing

Industrial Table Top Models

ModelInside Tank Dimensions
L x W x H (mm)
VoltageTank Capacity
Available Frequency
Sonic PowerHeating Power
IU 3025300 x 200 x 200240Vac / 10Amp1528kHz300W500W
IU 3530350 x 300 x 320240Vac / 10Amp2628kHz500W750W
IU 4830480 x 300 x 320240Vac / 10Amp4628kHz600W750W
IU 5230520 x 300x 320240Vac / 10Amp5028kHz1000W1500W
IU 6035600 x 350 x 320240Vac / 10Amp6728kHz1200W1500W
IU 7035700 x 350 x 320240Vac / 10Amp7828kHz1500W2400W
IU 9040900 x 400 x 320240Vac / 10Amp11528kHz2400W3000W

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