Semi Automatic Multi Tank Ultrasonic Washer

ECOSCWS - 65 Multi Tank Workstation

The ECOSCWS - 65 Multi Tank Workstation is ideal for industries such as optical manufacturing, electronic communication apparatus, medical apparatus, aviation and aerospace components, vehicle and engine manufacturing and hardware electroplating.

Standard Specifications include:

  • Cleaning Process includes:
    (1) Ultrasonic Degreasing,
    (2) Ultrasonic Cleaning,
    (3) Spray Rinsing,
    (4) Ultrasonic Rinsing and
    (5) Blow Drying.
  • Overall Dimensions: L2877mm x W1700mm x H1400mm
  • Tank Size: Each Tank has dimensions of L500mm x W380mm x D330 with a capacity of 65 litres

Ultrasonic Power and Frequency varies depending on particular applications and can be designed to suit your requirements.

A manually operated conveyor system is incorporated into the machine for easy movement of parts from one tank to the other.

The ECOSCWS - 65 can be designed to your exact requirements.


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