Baskets are designed uniquely for each machine on request. There are a number of types of baskets available with each machine. They include: Standards Baskets, Diesel Specialist Parts Baskets and Heavy Duty Baskets.


Above: Standard (Left) and Diesel Specialist (Right) Baskets

Small Parts Tanks

Small parts tanks are ideal for cleaning small parts in different chemistry without the need to change the tanks chemistry


Small Parts Baskets

Small parts Baskets are ideal for holding parts inside the small parts tanks. These baskets are availble as a single basket or basket with compartments.


Un-insulated Removable Lids

Un-insulated Lids are designed to lift off easily and be completely removed. These lids give a smaller retaining rate of heat and sound compared to the Insulated Lid but considerably more compared to a machine without any lid.


Insulated Hinged Removable Lids

The Insulated Lids are designed to lift up easily via a hinge system and can also be removed easily. These lids allow a high retaining rate of heat and sound.


Overhead Management Systems (OMS)

The OMS option includes a complete manual or automated overhead management system specifically designed for your machine and cleaning process. OMS are recommended for cleaning of heavy parts or complicated procedures.


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