Agitation Ultrasonics Cleaner

ECOUAL-Series Ultrasonic cleaner

The ECOUAL-Series Ultrasonic cleaner is specially designed for pneumatic loading and agitation of parts.

With high powered Ultrasonics and the ability to agitate the parts the ECOUAL-Series tank will conquer any cleaning requirement. The agitation of parts and the application of Ultrasonics increases the cleaning effect and results when cleaning heavily contaminated components.

This unit is designed to capture and remove heavy particles of contamination using innovative filtering technology while it removes floating contaminates and oil from the surface of the cleaning liquid.

The ECOUAL has an user friendly touch screen control system situated on a movable arm allowing easy control of the machine from any side. The electrical enclosure and generators are located at the rear of the machine and are kept cool by an air-conditioning unit allowing them to work at maximum power output.

Industrial Ultrasonics NZ can custom engineer and design the ECOUAL to any size and any specification to fulfil your cleaning requirement.

ECOUAL-Series Ultrasonic Cleaner

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